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NOLI TIMERE (Don’t Be Afraid) by Jared Michael Delaney tells the story of a newly-ordained priest and his sister that are made to confront something from their past that neither is expecting when a strange man knocks on the door of the rectory late one night. A confrontation occurs that leads them both into a frightening world that may, in fact, just be our own.

CAESER'S BLOOD by Rich Rubin takes place in late November 1864. The Civil War is still raging, and President Abraham Lincoln has just been re-elected. At New York’s Winter Garden Theatre, the elite of Manhatten have gathered to watch a one-evening-only benefit performance of Julius Caesar starring the three most celebrated actors in America, the iconic Booth brothers – Edwin, Junius Brutus and John Wilkes. John, heralded in the tabloids as “the handsomest man in America,” is a fervent believer in the Confederate cause, and had already been arrested for his seditious comments about the President and the North. His older brothers Edwin and Junius Brutus, meanwhile, are ardent supporters of Lincoln and the Union. Both before and after the performance of Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy, the three brothers spar about politics, theater and the roots of their heated sibling rivalry. A play based, as the saying goes, on true events.

HIGHNESS by Carolyn Kras dramatizes Princess Elizabeth I and Queen Katherine Parr’s journey of friendship and betrayal while exploring challenges faced by women in politics. Before Elizabeth I became an iconic Queen, she was a troubled teenager meeting her fourth stepmother, Katherine Parr. Katherine becomes Elizabeth’s greatest mentor, but politics and personal betrayal threaten to tear them apart.

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Next Deadline is March 30, 2017!

19TH ANNUAL NEW PLAY CONTEST Theatre Conspiracy will be accepting submissions for its Eighteenth Annual New Play Contest between December 2016 and March 30, 2017. All works submitted will be read and judged by a panel of qualified theatre teachers, directors and performers. Script Parameters: Work submitted to the contest must be a full length play with seven actors or less and have simple to moderate technical demands. Plays having up to three previous productions are welcome. No musicals, we are a tone deaf theatre company!. Remuneration: First place: $700.00 and full production. However, it is our goal to produce more than one entry each year.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Send complete script to Theatre Conspiracy Inc. 10091 McGregor Blvd. Ft. Myers, FL 33919 or send via e-mail to tcnewplaycontest@gmail.com

2: Include Biography of the Playwright and character breakdown.

3: If you would like to have the script returned include SASE. If not include an SASE for results.

4: Include a non-refundable administrative fee of $5.00. Make checks payable to Theatre Conspiracy (DO NOT MAIL CASH). Entry fee waived for members of The Dramatists Guild (Please provide proof of membership).

5. Deadline for submissions is postmark date of March 30, 2015. Please do not spend $20 to overnight or second day your script! Save your money!!!!

6. One entry per playwright per year please. Send your best script.

Contact: Bill Taylor: Artistic Director 239-936-3239

Past Winners:

1st Annual: PETIA by Ray Hamby

2nd Annual: DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY by Rich Orloff

3rd Annual: 50 by Albi Gorn


5th Annual: MONEY MATTERS by Carole Brendlinger

6th Annual THE FRANKENSTEIN SUMMER by Catherine Bush

7th Annual: SIGNS OF LIFE by Deborah Brevoort

8th Annual: IT'S YOUR FUNERAL by Karl Tiedemann and Allen Lewis Rickman

9th Annual: THE DUNES by Craig Pospisil

10th Annual: MATERNAL SPIRITS by James Caputo

11th Annual: TIME AND INA MEYERHOFF by Alan Brody

12th Annual: CYNTHIA'S LAMENT by Paul J. Lawrence

13th Annual INVASION OF PRIVACY by Larry Parr

14th Annual TOWER OF MAGIC by Tess Light

15th Annual ALL MY RAISINS IN THE SON by John Twomey


17th Annual: VACUUM by Arlene Hutton

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