Our 2016-17 Season

THE BOOK OF LIZ by David and Amy Sedaris
A cheesy comedy that's really gouda!
Sponsored by Bruce and Janet Bunch
Aug 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26 and 27 at 8PM. August 21 at 2PM
Sister Elizabeth Dunderstock makes some great cheesballs but she longs for more out of life. When she goes out on her own searching for greener pastures, she encounters llamas, breakfast burritos and a cockney speaking Ukranian Mr. Peanut. Fortunately she finds a new job at Plymouth Crock, a family restaurant run almost entirely by recovering alcoholics. It's a strange world after all! Rachel Burttram Powers, Joann Haley, Jim Yarnes and Trevor Beauvois-Kinney star in this goofy, laugh out loud comedy!!
This hilarious comedy could only from the devilish minds of both David (Me Talk Pretty One Day) and Amy (Strangers with Candy) Sedaris!!!

September 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 at 8PM. Sept. 18 at 2PM
Everyone has a story. Playwright EM Lewis has 5 you should hear. With brutal honesty and poignant humor we jump right in the middle of it all. Not left. Not right. Right in the middle. Let's talk. Starring Miguel Cintron “Human, bold, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, but always honest.” —New City Stage

THE TAMING a comedy by Lauren Gunderson
Oct 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 and 29 at 8PM. Oct 30 at 2PM
A crackling modern farce that serves up a heaping dish of good ole Southern fried politics! THE TAMING hilariously takes on America’s overheated political rhetoric, some surprising truths about our founding fathers, and the passions of three slightly insane women who just might be revolutionary geniuses.

DEC 19 The evening begins with at 7 p.m. with a reception including food and drink. Then at 8PM selections from each finalist will be read by a cast of Theatre Conspiracy favorites. After the conclusion of the final reading the audience will vote for which show they think should be the winner. The winning script will be given a full production in May of 2017.

THE COUNTRY WIFE a classic comedy by William Wycherley
Dec 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17 at 8PM. Dec 4 at 2PM
'He's a fool that marries, but he's a greater fool that does not marry a fool.' This bawdy, hilarious, subversive and wickedly satirical comedy pokes fun at the humourless, the jealous, and the adulterous alike. It features a country wife, Margery, whose husband believes she is too naive to cuckold him; and Horner, who pretends to be impotent in order to have unrestrained access to the women keen on 'the sport'.

With only the aid of a steamer trunk, Timur Kocak plays all 24 roles in this dynamic 90-minute one-man version of Dickens’ 1843 holiday classic! 2 performances only Dec 9 and 10 at 2PM! A One-Man Christmas Carol!!!

Angela Pierre and the Motown 4
Dec. 21, 22 and 23 at 8PM
Angela Pierre and The Motown 4 are excited to present a holiday revue that everyone can enjoy during this season’s celebration. Come experience Angela and her group perform timeless Christmas tunes by legendary Motown groups. This soulful Christmas rendition will be filled with Motown classics and holiday hits everyone will know and love.

33 VARIATIONS by Moises Kauffmann
Jan 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 Feb. 2, 3 and 4 at 8PM. Jan. 29 at 2PM
"You don't have to know Beethoven from Bach to find yourself thoroughly absorbed by the theatricality with which Kaufman has tied a historic event—the legendary mystery surrounding one of Beethoven's compositions—to a drama about a fatally ill Beethoven scholar, her relationship with her daughter and the daughter's burgeoning romance."

Jan. 23 at 8PM
Two women are trapped in a theatre as something violent rages outside.

Feb. 18 at 8PM Pam Bruno, Trish Keating and Marianette Torres!

Sponsored by Noreen Rainey
Feb 24, 25, March 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 at 8PM. March 5 at 2PM
This is the play that initiated Wilson’s famous ten-play cycle which chronicled the African American experience in each decade of the 20th Century. In this brilliant and explosive piece, Wilson explores the complicated world of black musicians striving to make it in 1927, at the height of the classic blues recording era. Ma Rainey, “The Mother of the Blues”, arrives at a Chicago recording studio with her band to record her latest songs; but this session produces much, much more. Don’t miss this riveting masterpiece by one of America’s foremost playwrights!

NICE T!TS written and performed by Amy Marcs
Sponsored by The Meisenberg Family Trust
March 17 and 18 at 8PM. March 18 and 19 at 2PM
Nice T!ts is a comedic exploration of Marcs' rollercoaster experience with cancer and its effect on her perceptions of femininity, womanhood, confidence and mortality. It's a unique perspective full of humor and heart-felt honesty.

THE CAVE a World Premiere by Jeffery Lindsay
March 24, 25, 30, 31 April 1, 6, 7 and 8 at 8PM. April 2 at 2PM
JEFF LINDSAY is the author of Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter of which the TV series DEXTER is based on. In this new play A Union Soldier, a confederate soldier and a runaway slave have a chance encounter while looking to escape from the civil war.

May 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20 at 8PM. May 14 at 2PM
Winner of our New Play Contest will be announce at our Annual Fundraiser on Nov. 19.

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